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Kenneth Croft North


Regiment: 4th (Queens Own) Hussars

Kenneth North was born in 1887 to Arthur and Mary. He grew up in Yorkshire and attended Rugby School. In 1906, he joined the Army and was trained at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst from where he joined the 4th (Queens Own) Hussars. In 1911 he married Francis Evelyn.

In August 1914, Kenneth was at the Cavalry School in Netheravon, possibly on the staff. He immediately rejoined his regiment taking one of the most important positions in the regiment as commander of the Machine Gun section providing a vital component of the regiments firepower.

Kenneth repeatedly distinguished himself as a competent and brave officer. In September, he rescued his Commanding Officer who had been wounded in an engagement. In October, when all the other troops around him had retreated, he recovered the regiment’s machine guns, saving them from certain capture by the enemy.

In October, his unit were ordered to hold a bridge in the Hollebeke area. Despite being attacked by superior German forces supported by no less than 4 artillery batteries, the regiment beat off repeated attacks and held until relieved. Kenneth was killed in this engagement and is buried in the Oak Dump Cemetery near the town of Ypres.


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