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40190 Gunner Hunter (George, Rupert)


Regiment: Canadian Field Artillery

George was born in November 1889 in Quebec Canada. His grandfather had emigrated from Scotland. His father Richard, a Civil Servant, was born in Ottowa, and his mother Sarah in England. Having been sent to be educated in Ottowa, George also became a Civil Servant in Winnipeg, Manitoba and enlisted in the local militia. Only 2 days after the declaration of war, he volunteered and joined the other volunteers on a train to Valcartier, and on 22nd September joined the 1st Brigade of the Canadian Field Artillery. Sailing on the SS Franconia, he docked in Plymouth on 14th October, and 2 days later was on a train to Lavington. They marched to their camp at West Down Camp North, but then spent 2 weeks drawing up stores before starting their training. It was a terrible winter with incessant rain, cold and wind. The Canadians only finally fired their guns in training in the last week of January, before they deployed to France in the following 2 weeks. George was not with them as he had been taken ill with pneumonia. He came to the General Hospital in Netheravon on 7th February, but died only 3 days later. His mother’s brother, Mr Cooper, was there when he was buried in our churchyard on the 12th.


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