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27570 Private Phillips (Roscoe, Leonard)


Regiment: 15th (Highlanders of Canada) Battalion

Born in Bruce County Ontario in 1892 to Robert and Mary, both of Irish descent, Roscoe Phillips lived in the Vaughn area of York West in the greater Ontario area. As soon as he turned 18, he enlisted into the 18th York Rangers, a local Militia regiment and he was still serving when the war broke out.

Like many Canadians, he volunteered for service and, at Valcartier Camp outside Quebec, he enlisted in G Company of the newly formed 15th (Highlanders of Canada) Battalion. The battalion sailed for England on 26th September and, on arrival, made the journey from Plymouth to Salisbury Plain, arriving at the camp site on West Down South on the Plain. The wet and cold weather made a tented camp a difficult place to live and, on 29th January 1915, Roscoe was admitted to the No 1 Canadian General Hospital where he was diagnosed with Pulmonary Tuberculosis. His condition worsened steadily and, sadly, he died on 16th February. He is now buried in the churchyard in Netheravon.

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