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24618 Private McGuinness (Frederick, Williamson)




Regiment: Royal Highlanders of Canada

Fred was born in Montreal on the 12th of June 1889 to William and Frances. Fred became a bookmaker like his father but was also serving in the 5th Royal Highlanders a Territorial battalion in the Canadian Army on the outbreak of war. On the 25th of September 1914 Fred and his battalion sailed for England arriving on the 15th of October. From October to December they lived in tents in West Down Camp eventually moving to Larkhill on the 16th of December into huts. However the huts were breading grounds for infection and along with 38 others Fred contracted meningitis. Fred was moved to No1 General Hospital in Netheravon but on the 6th of January 1915 aged 25 he died. Fred is buried in Netheravon Churchyard.

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